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What makes Vietnam unique? Part 2

Vietnam still surprises me every day. It is definitely unique in many ways, so my list continues. (See part 1 of the list here). Boats have eyes.  Apparently different parts of the country, or even in neighbouring countries, they paint… Continue Reading →

What makes Vietnam unique – part 3

I love getting to know more about Vietnam and its people. And every part of Vietnam is a little different to other parts. The north, central and south have many things that are just a little different. Some parts you… Continue Reading →

What makes Vietnam unique? Part 1

Every country is different in its own way, but what makes Vietnam unique? I have been jotting down answers to this question since we arrived in Vietnam a month ago, and I am still adding to it daily. Some of… Continue Reading →

Almost a local in Hoi An

When we decided to spend 6+ months in Asia as part of a sabbatical, we had the choice of many destinations and a little time in each.  Or trying to become a local whilst slackpacking, i.e. slower paced backpacking. Most… Continue Reading →

Unspoken rules for getting around in Vietnam

Getting around in Vietnamese cities, whether that be getting around by bicycle, motorbike, car or on foot, takes a bit if practice.  We haven’t used the buses, so I can’t comment on those, but for the rest, we’re starting to… Continue Reading →

Hanoi to Hoi An by train

Hanoi to Hoi An by train was quite an experience for me. But before I continue, I need to come clean and explain that I do not have much experience of train travel in Asia or other parts of the… Continue Reading →

Weird Vietnamese street food in Hoi An

What is the most adventurous thing you have eaten? Would you consider eating weird Vietnamese street food?  How weird? I head you ask. I am getting ahead of myself.  Let me start at the beginning. Hanoi Street Food Tour We… Continue Reading →

Getting to know the Vietnamese

If my first impression of Vietnam was an assault to the senses, the next was a slow burn of charm, enchantment and delight. As time goes by, and I am getting to know the real Vietnam, I am loving it!… Continue Reading →

Hanoi La Vision Hotel poisoned us

I bet your first thought at the “Hanoi La Vision Hotel poisoned us”, was one of food poisoning, but you’d be wrong! I am talking harmful stuff which could have had a terrible outcome. Let me start at the beginning…. Continue Reading →

Vietnam – first impressions

Asia can shock your senses, and Hanoi Old Town will do just that. Feel, breathe, smell, see and touch this vibrant city!

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