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How to holiday often

On holiday again? Sometimes I feel a little guilty, but mostly I feel grateful that we have found a formula that works for us. We know how to holiday often. Also read: Living like a local Currently I am sitting in… Continue Reading →

Travel – Living like a local

Yes it is cheaper, but living like a local gives you the true authentic experience everyone is craving.

Travel styles – holiday vs travelling

There are differences between travelling vs holidays, incl. mini-breaks, backpacking, touring or living like a local.

6+ months in Asia and Africa

We finally have our itinerary for 6+ months in Asia and Africa.  Not all the dates are fixed, but it should give a very good idea of where we are going, including: Sabbatical Asian Destinations Hong Kong – 3 weeks… Continue Reading →

Countdown to travel

Countdown to our 6-7 month holiday: 5.5 weeks till we fly 24 days left of work We are starting to look forward to our trip. Plans are coming together, but there are more and more things to think about.  This… Continue Reading →

Travel insurance for mature travellers

We all know that travel insurance for mature travellers probably becomes more important as you get older, but gosh, is it hard to come by if you’re going away from more than a month! Insurance through your bank Many of… Continue Reading →

Funding slackpacking or glampacking travel

Funding slackpacking or glampacking travel is never going to be easy, otherwise everyone would be doing it!  But there are some tips that can help your slackpacking/glampacking travel funding, with less pain than you’d imagine. I am going to make… Continue Reading →

Slackpacking through Asia – the beginning

  Slackpacking is the new backpacking! Slackpacking (or glampacking) has some of the benefits of backpacking, but without the squalor, budget constraints, drugs, partying and fast-pace.  So, I hear you ask, how will this be applied to our 7-month sabbatical?… Continue Reading →

Living in UK vs SA – the differences

Have you ever thought about moving the UK?  Never been before?  Or just been on holiday?  Or are you living in the UK and you’re thinking about moving back to South Africa?  Have you considered living in UK vs SA… Continue Reading →

Great iPhone Travel Apps

There are a number of travel apps for the iPhone that I find very useful.  Of course there are many more, but these are the ones I use most.   The Holiday Inn App is excellent, especially if you travel… Continue Reading →

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