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South Africa

South Africa – how bad is the crime?

I think I have to start by saying:  I love South Africa.  I would love to live in South Africa. I would love to prove to my husband that South Africa would be a better place to live in than… Continue Reading →

Can you eat worms in South Africa?

I have some Zimbabwean friends who invited me for dinner a couple of weeks’ ago. It was to be African food. Now, being South African and a pretty adventurous eater myself, I was both excited and worried.  I begged her… Continue Reading →

Cloned Number Plates – what to do if you’re a victim?

I am really concerned that someone has cloned my number plates, and I cannot find any way to report it formally.  I will continue to lobby my informal network and social media to see whether there might be a viable… Continue Reading →

South Africa vs UK – what I will miss & what I won’t

Mkuze Falls with the whole family I have spent almost 2 years back in South Africa, but will be returning to the UK in less than 2 weeks’ time.  And the one question on everyone’s lips is:  Are you looking… Continue Reading →

Winters in South Africa – what you need to know

As many of you probably know – I am spending some time living in South Africa, whilst setting up our new business (TheRoomLink).  We arrived at the end of winter last year, and have been here mostly during the warm… Continue Reading →

Living in UK vs SA – the differences

Have you ever thought about moving the UK?  Never been before?  Or just been on holiday?  Or are you living in the UK and you’re thinking about moving back to South Africa?  Have you considered living in UK vs SA… Continue Reading →

Shu-Shu in the 1980s South Africa

I had been planning to write about something completely different, but while I was looking for the photos I needed, I came across my dad’s photos of Shu-Shu in the 1980s.  As a child, it was our favourite holiday destination… Continue Reading →

A postbox adventure

Many of you who read my blog often will probably know by now that I have founded a new website called – connecting renters and rooms.  Now I know you’re wondering what that has to do with a postbox adventure?… Continue Reading →

DIY, farm style water-slide fun

Christmas was at my sister’s house on the farm in Greytown, South Africa this year and Andy’s DIY, farm style water-slide fun kept the whole family entertained.  But wait, I am getting ahead of myself. Christmas day was going to… Continue Reading →

Hazel Food Night Market – Pretoria

I just love the Hazel Food Night Market in Pretoria which takes place around the first Saturday of each month.  It normally starts around 5pm and lasts until about 9pm. Firstly, prepare yourself for it being rather busy, as its… Continue Reading →

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