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Hong Kong

Travel – Living like a local

Yes it is cheaper, but living like a local gives you the true authentic experience everyone is craving.

Random Hong Kong facts

When you’re new to a place, you notice the differences. Here’s my Random List of Hong Kong Kong Facts.

Tai O houses built on stilts

Tai O, Hong Kong, is charming: houses are all built on stilts. But it hold another trump card … read on for more

Hong Kong – then and now

Being back in Hong Kong in 2017, it has made my husband, Tim, think about the Hong Kong, then and now. I asked him to share his memories and comparisons … by Tim Hermolle When I was growing up as… Continue Reading →

Tai Po Hui Market – a highlight

Tan Mo Temple in the rain, Tai Po Tai Po, a market town in the Hong Kong Northern Territories, gave us a brilliant, true Honkenese experience.  Being in Tai Po is very different from Hong Kong Island and Discovery Bay,… Continue Reading →

Discovery Bay Hong Kong is unlike anywhere else

Discovery Bay Promenade Discovery Bay, Hong Kong is unlike anywhere else I have been. And when you read the Hong Kong Lonely Planet guide, they’re pretty dismissive about the place: “Nothing to see here. No need to visit.” But I… Continue Reading →

Big Buddha by cable car – Hong Kong

Tian Tan (Big Buddha) Hong Kong Visiting Tian Tan, better known as the Big Buddha, by cable car on the airport side of Lantau Island, has definitely been a highlight. When people think of Hong Kong, all they picture is… Continue Reading →

Discovery Bay – Hong Kong – at first glance

Discovery Bay Arriving in Discovery Bay – Hong Kong – is probably a good place to start as any, especially as we almost didn’t arrive at all!  Okay, perhaps that is a little exaggeration, but our arrival wasn’t quite as… Continue Reading →

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