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Delightful Paris

A fortnight ago, my friend Hayley and I went to Paris for the weekend.  Hayley had never been before, and I hadn’t been in a very long while, so both of us were looking forward it it for different reasons. … Continue Reading →

Paris, France in pictures

The French are so good at making their shops look stylish, gorgeous and inviting The little shopping streets are beautiful – but be warned, they aren’t cheap! This salad was fantastic: red cabbage, apple, balsamic vinegar and balsamic reduction (to… Continue Reading →

Graveson, France

22nd June, SundayToday has been a chill day. The plan was to spend the day in and around the swimming pool. I couldn’t wait to go for a swim, but when we arrived last night, so did the mistral. According… Continue Reading →

Travel day towards Graveson

21st June, SaturdayIt was time to leave Le Luc. We had hired a villa for a week in Graveson, Provence which would run Saturday to Saturday. Our plan was to leave around 11.00, then travel via St Maximin and Aix-en-Provence…. Continue Reading →

Le Luc, France cont……

19th June 2009, ThursdayI should have written these blog posts daily, but I have just not got around to it. So I have to try and write from memory.Our first night was comfortable. Our hosts are very friendly. They have… Continue Reading →

St Tropez, France

20th June 2009, FridayWe set off early to St Tropez. The plan was to get there in time for lunch. In fact, by the time we’d travelled about ½ hour, my objective had changed somewhat. I was planning to get… Continue Reading →

Le Luc, France

Thursday 18th June 2009Le Luc, FranceDo you think that air travel is coordinated by the travel industry to be as unbearable as possible, to make any holiday experience that follows seem delightful in comparison? We once again had the Easyjet… Continue Reading →

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