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Mostar images

The well known Mostar bridge – loved by artists, locals, tourists and on almost every postcard and souvernir!Local lads jumping from the bridge for money. Post war ruins visible in almost all areas of the city. Tim climbed the minaret,… Continue Reading →

Sunshine surprise in Mostar

What a wonderful to surprise to have a beautifully sunny day all day in Mostar. Initially our plan was to have an active day. We thought we would do all the things we didn’t do yesterday, as yesterday was mainly… Continue Reading →

More about Mostar

More bits and bobs about Mostar: The streets in the old town are generally either cobbled (which is really hard on the feet – especially if you are wearing new shoes!), or they are made of marble.  The Old Bridge… Continue Reading →

Mostar photos to follow

I will attempting to post some Mostar photos, but in the meantime I have updated my photos in Facebook …. Loading them onto the blog is a little slow with the internet connection we have access to… It’s off to… Continue Reading →

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