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Unofficial Asia travel awards 2017

As we travel, we realise that we’re constantly comparing the differences between different countries and cities we’ve been to, so Tim and I bring you our very own Unofficial Asia Travel Awards.  We have visited: Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos,… Continue Reading →

What you need to know about toilets in Asia

Talking about toilets is one of those things we don’t really want to talk about, but something we definitely want to know about when we are travelling. As a westerner, I do find toilet experiences quite challenging, while travelling. But… Continue Reading →

Traveling makes you miss things

Traveling is great and every day is an adventure. Just some of the adventures aren’t of the exotic or exciting type, rather they are the kind of adventures that come from hunting for things we miss from home. What things… Continue Reading →

Travel – Living like a local

Yes it is cheaper, but living like a local gives you the true authentic experience everyone is craving.

6+ months in Asia and Africa

We finally have our itinerary for 6+ months in Asia and Africa.  Not all the dates are fixed, but it should give a very good idea of where we are going, including: Sabbatical Asian Destinations Hong Kong – 3 weeks… Continue Reading →

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