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Best 3 New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

This year I filled my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions with only fun things: the Best 3 New Year’s Resolutions!  None of these ‘Lose 10kg’, ‘Spring Clean my house’ or ‘Run a marathon’ activities!  Instead my list is short, snappy, achievable… Continue Reading →

Cloned Number Plates – what to do if you’re a victim?

I am really concerned that someone has cloned my number plates, and I cannot find any way to report it formally.  I will continue to lobby my informal network and social media to see whether there might be a viable… Continue Reading →

Invasion of privacy in the digital world

My privacy has been invaded twice in the past month – my digital privacy, that is.  I have always been one to promote all things online and digital.  I guess you can call me a traditional early adopter – if… Continue Reading →

Best Apps for iPhone 4 or iPhone 5

I have been putting together a series of articles on my favourite iPhone apps, and explaining how I would actually use them.  If find many reviews tell you about the product, but they don’t give information on how to actually… Continue Reading →

Best Messaging iPhone Apps

I am certainly not a die hard texter, but texting certainly is useful on so many occasions, and free texting is obviously the preferred option.  Especially if you’re texting peope abroad, or texting from abroad, texting can become very expensive… Continue Reading →

iPhone Apps to communicate by voice

In this installment I would like to share some of my favourite voice communication Apps.  I shall start with my favourite: Viber is simple to use, mimics ‘normal phone calls’ closely and offers both voice calls and text messages.  I… Continue Reading →

More iPhone Apps to get you organised

I think the true secret about Apps and using them effectively, is to ensure that you have a suite of Apps that work well together.  In isolation they might not seem that useful, but when used in conjunction with other… Continue Reading →

Curse of a workaholic

I don’t think I am a true workaholic.  I don’t feel compelled to work 80 hours a week.  Instead I am merely someone who: Likes the success of a well completed project; Has the attitude that I should never put… Continue Reading →

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