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Finance tips

How to be frugal, not stingy

H My attitude towards wealth and money has changed over the years, but was influenced by my upbringing, living both in the UK and South Africa as well as being surrounded by footballers and people with more money than sense…. Continue Reading →

Credit cards are not all bad – they can earn money for jam!

Credit cards get a bad rap. But let’s qualify – they can be bad if spend is out of control, but …. they can be great too! Let’s explore. I have always been pretty good at managing my money, and… Continue Reading →

Save money by buying what you would buy anyway

You think it’s a hoax. You’re wondering how you can save money by buying what you would be buying anyway, aren’t you? Its true!  The secret is Quidco. What is Quidco? Quidco is a UK website / App that allows you… Continue Reading →

I found a whiteboard in a skip

Today I had a wonderful surprise windfall:  I found a whiteboard in a skip.My friend Lisa and I had just returned to the car after having been to The Victoria pub for a lovely, decadent lunch, to satisfy my chip craving.  As… Continue Reading →

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