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Monday morning blues

Today this quote will be my mantra: When the day starts like this, it can only get better. Have I piqued your curiosity? Let me start at the beginning and tell you all. This morning I had a train to… Continue Reading →

Are you a Baked Beans Snob? Amazing results from blind tasting!

 “Me?  A snob?  Ok, I am a bit of a brand snob.  I like brands I like and I will pay more for them.” Am I a food snob? This was me until a few weeks ago.  I watched a… Continue Reading →

Traffic circle? Roundabout? I must do what?

South Africans have no idea what do do at a traffic circle (roundabout)!  Most of them treat them as a 4-way stop!  It means that if you do know what to do at them, you dare not do the right… Continue Reading →

Following Mr Crazy, R103, South Africa

I’d like to share with you our experience of following Mr Crazy on the R103 between Vrede and Warden, in South Africa.  We were on our way down from Pretoria to Greytown, to visit my sister and family.  Unfortunately, there… Continue Reading →

Organised office -> Organised Mind -> Productive

If you know me personally, you’ll know that I am a very productive, efficient and organised person.  If I had a penny for each time someone said to me:  “I don’t know where you find the time to do everything… Continue Reading →

Loft conversion in London completed

I have been quite busy these past months planning and managing a loft conversion in our London house.  All the work was done while tenants were in the house, and we’re grateful for their patience, understanding and help. We also… Continue Reading →

iPhone apps for Interior Design

In the past, whenever you were remodelling your house, or when you needed interior design inspiration, the only options were:  magazines and books.  However, the internet changed this to make it easier, and now apps are changing it to make… Continue Reading →

Difference between advertising and marketing

This difference between advertising and marketing was posted on Facebook sometime back.  I think it explains it perfectly.  I had promised to post it and share with our class.

Recycling garage furniture (updated)

When we were doing our big clear out and sorting out the garage, we took down this set of shelves from the garage wall.  At first it was destined for the skip as it was in such bad shape and didn’t… Continue Reading →

Lily Greenwood butterflies

I went to pick up my new Lily Greenwood butterfly picture this morning, and it is gorgeous! It’s the kind of picture that puts a smile on my face.

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