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Living in UK vs SA – the differences

Have you ever thought about moving the UK?  Never been before?  Or just been on holiday?  Or are you living in the UK and you’re thinking about moving back to South Africa?  Have you considered living in UK vs SA… Continue Reading →

Scalini Deli, 20 Ashley Road, Altrincham

I feel like I need to shout it from the mountain tops:  Scalini Deli in Ashley Road, Altrincham, is currently serving the best coffee in Altrincham!  We were strolling into Altrincham this morning in search of a good cup of… Continue Reading →

Hey Nordic walker: Where is the snow?

When I am out Nordic walking, I generally get the following responses from people: Staring.  I think there are a large number of people who have never seen Nordic walkers outHeckling.  From this group of people that I normally hear,… Continue Reading →

Recycling garage furniture (updated)

When we were doing our big clear out and sorting out the garage, we took down this set of shelves from the garage wall.  At first it was destined for the skip as it was in such bad shape and didn’t… Continue Reading →

Altrincham Vintage & Food Producer’s Market

Last weekend, Tim and I went along to the Vintage and Food Producer’s Market, and I think it was great! Unfortunately Altrincham’s town centre has been undergoing a steady decline ever since I moved here.  I love the town, and… Continue Reading →

2012 cafe challenge

I met up with my friend, Lisa, last night.  And asked her whether whe wants to take part in my 2012 challenge.  As it involves coffee and cake, I think she’s in. I am planning to visit Manchester’s top 10 cafe’s,… Continue Reading →

Our neighbourhood

I had to pop into Hale to post a parcel today, and I although I have been living here for 9 years, never have I been so acutely aware of wealth, and the eagerness to show it off, as today…. Continue Reading →

The Cake Gallery, Bowdon

Bowdon has a coffee shop!  Hurrah.  And what a little gem it is too.  A mere 3 blocks from our house, in the old Post Office Building, opposite the Griffin Pub, they have opened The Cake Gallery.  It only has… Continue Reading →

Scarecrows and other things

Today, Rochelle and I made a scarecrow for their Strawberry Festival next month. We were very pleased with the outcome! As you can see, it’s a professional job! Making a lady is harder than making a man … our first… Continue Reading →

WAGs**, Kids and World Cup Dreams

This is a programme currently aired on BBC3 at 9.00pm on Sunday evenings. The first episode is available on the iPlayer (if you’re in the UK). I think it is really good and not ‘wag-like’ at all. ( **For those… Continue Reading →

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