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Best 3 New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

This year I filled my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions with only fun things: the Best 3 New Year’s Resolutions!  None of these ‘Lose 10kg’, ‘Spring Clean my house’ or ‘Run a marathon’ activities!  Instead my list is short, snappy, achievable… Continue Reading →

Easy pattern to knit a blanket

I have included below the pattern to knit this blanket.  If you would like a full sized copy of the pattern emailed to you, leave a comment with your email address, and I shall email you one. A little word… Continue Reading →

Eggs Benedict quest continues

Today I tried Altrincham’s new Sugar Junction‘s Eggs Benedict. I hadn’t had a meal here yet, but their tea, cakes and cocktails are incredible.   I am always in search of the world’s best Eggs Benedict, so came in this… Continue Reading →

How to be frugal, not stingy

H My attitude towards wealth and money has changed over the years, but was influenced by my upbringing, living both in the UK and South Africa as well as being surrounded by footballers and people with more money than sense…. Continue Reading →

Monday morning blues

Today this quote will be my mantra: When the day starts like this, it can only get better. Have I piqued your curiosity? Let me start at the beginning and tell you all. This morning I had a train to… Continue Reading →

Step-by-step easy crocheted granny square blanket

If you told me a year ago that I would crochet this blanket in under 2 months, I would not have believed it.  But here it is!  The better news is that if I could do it, you could do… Continue Reading →

Are you a Baked Beans Snob? Amazing results from blind tasting!

 “Me?  A snob?  Ok, I am a bit of a brand snob.  I like brands I like and I will pay more for them.” Am I a food snob? This was me until a few weeks ago.  I watched a… Continue Reading →

Credit cards are not all bad – they can earn money for jam!

Credit cards get a bad rap. But let’s qualify – they can be bad if spend is out of control, but …. they can be great too! Let’s explore. I have always been pretty good at managing my money, and… Continue Reading →

Save money by buying what you would buy anyway

You think it’s a hoax. You’re wondering how you can save money by buying what you would be buying anyway, aren’t you? Its true!  The secret is Quidco. What is Quidco? Quidco is a UK website / App that allows you… Continue Reading →

Can you eat worms in South Africa?

I have some Zimbabwean friends who invited me for dinner a couple of weeks’ ago. It was to be African food. Now, being South African and a pretty adventurous eater myself, I was both excited and worried.  I begged her… Continue Reading →

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