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This year I filled my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions with only fun things: the Best 3 New Year’s Resolutions!  None of these ‘Lose 10kg’, ‘Spring Clean my house’ or ‘Run a marathon’ activities!  Instead my list is short, snappy, achievable and exciting.

1.  Don’t save it for best

How many things in your cupboards that you’ve been saving for best? But question is: how often do you use them at all? How long have you had them?
For example, I just found a pair of beautiful patterned candles in a drawer.  They are too good for every day use, and are being saved for a special occasion.  Except, whenever there is a special occasion, I don’t think about the pretty candles in the drawer.
So I have decided I should use my posh face cream daily, get out the pretty candles, wear my cashmere sweater even though I am not going out and drink my tea from my antique tea cups.

2.  Use it up

This one, is related to my third and final resolution, so let’s fast forward to that one, and come back to this one afterwards …

3. Go on a sabbatical

Tim and I have been together 14 years, so for 14 years we have been talking about synchronising our contracts to end at the same time, so we can go travelling. Well, it’s finally happening! Our contracts are both ending at the end of June 2017, so the sabbatical is becoming a reality.  If all goes according to plan, we’ll leave in July 2017 and be away for about 7 months.  Plans are really changing by the hour at the moment, but I will be blogging about it in the coming weeks and months.

Right, so now we have that one out in the open:

back to 2.  Use it up

My friend Lisa says that, if there is a war, she’s going to come at live at ours, because our food cupboards are so well stocked, we could last a whole war without needing extra supplies! So, if we’re going to be away from July, it gives us 6 months to make a proper dent in the grocery cupboard.

But not only that, I have a cupboard full of other things, like: bin liners that I bought, but which were the wrong size, bits at the bottom of travel sized cosmetics that I think I will use in future, but next time I just take out a new, full one. A drinks cupboard filled with strange drinks from far flung places.

I can feel you nodding – everyone has that, right? Well, I am going to make a concerted effort to use it all up – or at least use up as much as I can before we go.
This week, I have already got rid of the:
  • Maize Rice (Samp); and
  • Barley (which I bought specifically for a recipe, but only used about a third of the container)

Next week I am planning to see what I can use the Chapatti flour for….