Today I tried Altrincham’s new Sugar Junction‘s Eggs Benedict. I hadn’t had a meal here yet, but their tea, cakes and cocktails are incredible.  
I am always in search of the world’s best Eggs Benedict, so came in this morning to give it a try. Could it knock Kings Cafe Altrincham off the top spot as the best place (in my opinion) in Altrincham for eggs Benedict ?
Here’s my opinion:
Ambiance = love it here +1 point
Service = friendly +1 point
Presentation = good +1 point
Using bacon instead of ham = -1 point
Adding rocket on top = -1 point (don’t serve salad with eggs Benedict – ever. Add some chives for a bit of green if you must!)
Lashings of hollandaise sauce = -1 didn’t include lashings, just normal quantity
Quality of poached eggs = runny +1 point, but -5 points for not draining the poached eggs well! (I detest water on my plate & on my muffins that makes them soggy)
VERDICT: Kings Cafe Altrincham still holds the top spot for Eggs Benedict in Altrincham! 

PS: They do serve real lashings of hollandaise  sauce.
PPS: Sugar Junction‘s Carrot Cake would definitely win a Carrot Cake Quest!