Today this quote will be my mantra:

When the day starts like this, it can only get better.

Have I piqued your curiosity? Let me start at the beginning and tell you all.
This morning I had a train to catch, and it was due to leave half an hour later than my normal tram. I could afford a little lie in. That is how everyone would like to start a Monday morning, right?
Technology fail
First thing I realised was that my new work tablet that I was allocated on Friday was dead. I had left the charger in the original packaging in the Manchester office, which meant that I could not charge it.
All the fluffing about meant I was rushing to get out the house. I got to my car, which I needed to get to the station, and realised it was iced up. Must have had a frost overnight. We’ve had such a mild winter, I haven’t really been factoring in extra time to de-ice my car in the mornings. I dashed around to the passenger side where I kept my scraper. Gone! It was simply not there! Not was it anywhere else in the car. I turned the heating onto max and rummaged around for my credit card – I could scrape it with that.
Time was ticking. I would have to get a move onto get to the station in time!
Trucks and roads
I made a move and decided to rather go down the bigger road as there is more chance it would have been gritted. Last thing I needed was an ‘ice on road’ emergency. As I turned the corner, the rubbish lorry was blocking the road. Add to that a panel van making a delivery… I realised I would not get passed for ages. I would have to do a quick u-turn, which I managed to do before anyone else blocked me in from behind.
Trains and public transport 
I got to the station, ran for the pay-and-display machine, lucky that I had asked Tim for the right change for the meter. I had just over a minute to get to the right platform. And as soon as I arrived, the display changed: my train was delayed.
Agh, I hate delays – especially as I have a tight connection at Stockport station. Soon the display changed again, delayed even further. That meant that I would miss my connection. I’d have to get the later train – and that means I would be late for my first meeting in Sheffield! Oh well.
Then the displays started to change again. The later train is delayed too!  Oh my gosh. Surely the day can only get better now. Wrong!
Technology and connectivity
As I stepped onto the train and we start to move off, I receive a phone call from one of my team: “Liezl, if you haven’t set off yet, done come to the Sheffield office today, there is no connectivity and no-one can get onto the system”
I should have guessed. The day is jinxed. I should never have got out of bed this Monday morning…