You think it’s a hoax. You’re wondering how you can save money by buying what you would be buying anyway, aren’t you? Its true!  The secret is Quidco.

What is Quidco?

Quidco is a UK website / App that allows you to earn cashback & make savings every time you shop from hundreds of high street brands and shops. You can watch this short little video, giving detail on how it works, and that even though it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t!


I know you’re wondering whether it is pennies rather than pounds you’ll be saving with Quidco, and the answer is a big, fat NO!  Let me share with you some of my recent cash back transactions:

  • I booked our car hire & accommodation for our annual holiday through Expedia (via Quidco), and earned £50 cash back
  • We switched our gas & electric through Uswitch (via Quidco), saved money on cheaper, green utilities, but earned £21 cash back for doing the transaction via Quidco!
  • I ordered a new PAYG sim card for my mother-in-law (via Quidco) and earned £5 cash back
  • I signed up to Waitrose online, (via Quidco) as I wanted to test it, and earned £5 cash back.
  • I referred a friend to Quidco and as soon as she makes her first savings, I will earn £2.50 for referring her.
Tally up these payments, and you’ll see they add up to more than £80 – for doing nothing more than a few extra clicks – and buying what I would have bought from the suppliers I would have bought from anyway.

So exactly how do I use Quidco?

It really is very easy.  This is the principle:
  1. Sign up for Quidco and log in each time before you need to make a purchase (there is an App too).
  2. Search Quidco to see if the retailer you want to use is a Quidco member.
  3. Click on the link and shop as normal

Tips to maximise Quidco cashback

The most important thing is to remember is to use it for as many purchases as possible. 
  • Christmas shopping is coming up – wherever possible, use Quidco when you’re buying online.
  • Browse in ‘real’ shops but buy online! (But always ask the shop if they offer free delivery to store / home).  You can do the purchase on your smartphone while you’re still in the shop.  You don’t have to wait until you get home.
  • If you travel for work & you can book the travel yourself – go via Quidco.  This is one area you can big cash back amounts as most travel companies are signed up and offer good cash back rates.
  • If you have some big purchases looming, set up your favourites on the Quidco site so you are notified when cashback % goes up for those retailers. Get the timing right and the savings are bigger!
  • You can even earn cashback on in-store purchases. Log your credit card, and each time it is used in-store, and matches the offer, it should track the cashback.
  • Earn Quidco cashback on your groceries too (savings are smaller and it takes more time)

Sign up!

If you’re aren’t screaming to sign up to Quidco, it’s as good as taking money and flushing it down the toilet. It really isn’t that onerous – they have made it so easy. What’s stopping you? Just do it!