Adults and children having fun on waterslide
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Christmas was at my sister’s house on the farm in Greytown, South Africa this year and Andy’s DIY, farm style water-slide fun kept the whole family entertained.  But wait, I am getting ahead of myself.

Christmas day was going to be a low-key family affair – 24 adults and 6 kids.  Everyone brought 3 dishes:  meat, salad and pudding.  The plan was for me to take family photos of people as they arrive, we’d have lunch, and in the afternoon all the brave would have a go on Andy’s DIY farm style water-slide (or super-tube as the kids call it).

But, unfortunately the kids just couldn’t wait to get their bathing suits on and get onto the water slide.  So before we knew it, just about everyone had changed and the water slide was seeing an incredible amount of action!  I was still photographer, so decided to wait until after lunch before I had a go…  But one thing was for sure:  the family pictures would not be taken today – unless of course if you count those taken on the water-slide!

Here’s a clip of the action.  The slide is about 50m long, and very fast!  Much faster than you think it would be.  Take a look:


If you thought that the slide was only enjoyed by the kids, you would be very wrong!  They wouldn’t admit to it of course, but I think the adults enjoyed it more than the kids!

And the kids are so brave!  Going down on your tummy is the fastest way to go down.  But even that isn’t good enough – most kids (and adults) took a run-up to maximise the speed.

It almost felt like an anti-climax when the fun had to come to an end, and the rest of Christmas had to continue in a more traditional way.  But I think it’s a Christmas that no-one will forget!  And Uncle Andy, the hero of the day, now has a standard to maintain!  And the family photo shoot will just have to wait for another day…