As you know, I am currently in South Africa to work on an exciting new project.  TheRoomLink will launch early 2014 and we are working hard to ensure that everything is ready for when we go live. In case you’re wondering, here’s what it is all about:

What is the TheRoomLink? 

Have you ever felt vulnerable either as a landlord renting out a room, or as a tenant/lodger looking for a new place to stay?  TheRoomLink is a new profile-based accommodation site that matches tenants to landlords, based on their requirements – making the process much easier and more secure for both parties.

Who is TheRoomLink for?

We have identified a number of people who will benefit from TheRoomLink service, when it launches:
  • Landlords – renting out a room in you own home, in a shared house or granny flat
  • Monday-to-Friday Landlords – renting out rooms to professionals during weekdays only
  • Tenants / Lodgers – Anyone looking for a room to stay
  • CommServ placements – Medical students who are posted to rural & urban hospitals.
  • Students – student accommodation in a commune, or finding place in a private res
  • Owner of multiple properties – renting out rooms in various houses
  • Professionals / Commuters – working away from home, but wanting home comforts
  • Contractors – working away from home for prolonged periods of time
  • Estate Agents – renting out rooms on behalf of landlords and home-owners
  • People relocating – staying somewhere temporarily until you can settle down
  • Attending an event in a different town/city, but want to stay with like-minded people
But of course it is not just limited to these users – anyone can use TheRoomLink!  

If you have an empty spare room, or perhaps outbuildings which can be converted into rooms for students or professionals, you too could be earning more CASH!

What are the benefits of TheRoomLink?

TheRoomLink offers a number of benefits over conventional advertising, including:

Profile based website

Each landlord completes a profile when listing a room.  And before someone can contact an advertiser, they will need to complete a profile too.  This will enable both parties to have more information about each other to make rental decisions.

Matching lodgers to landlords

With traditional advertising, you place an advert, and then wait for people to contact you.  TheRoomLink will put you  in the driver’s seat.  You can now also contact people who are searching for accommodation, just like yours!

Easy to use

TheRoomLink website is being designed to be simple with clear instructions on how to move forward.


By having full profiles on TheRoomLink site you will have a far better idea who you want to contact.  Compare this to a classified ad where you have no idea of who you are talking to.


You can decide how long you want to rent out you room or property for – it could be anything: daily, weekly, monthly, annually and everything in-between.  You decide.  You can also show your room listings when they’re vacant, and hide them when they’re occupied.  This means you only have to set up the room listings once!


As TheRoomLink is a membership service, you have to register to become a member.  Therefore your contact details aren’t available to everyone on the internet.


If you are sharing a home with someone you want to be compatible.  We give you the opportunity to tell us something about yourself  and also to let others tell us something about them.

Turn your spare room into cash OR Find a room to crash.

I want to use it.  What do I do now?

We are in the final stages of preparation for TheRoomLink beta launch later this year, but you won’t have too long to wait.  In the meantime, we have a registration website where you can log your details.  This is so we can keep you informed of our progress, as well as our launch date.  And not only that:

For all of those early birds who register, not only will you be entered into our draw for a new iPod Nano*, but we’ll send you a voucher for FREE membership for the first year!

Register now at: or contact Lisa Links our friendly virtual assistant on Twitter with any of your queries:  Lisa Links on Twitter

*The draw will take place on 31 December 2013.  Open to residents of South Africa.