I feel like I need to shout it from the mountain tops:  Scalini Deli in Ashley Road, Altrincham, is currently serving the best coffee in Altrincham!  We were strolling into Altrincham this morning in search of a good cup of coffee and were very pleasantly surprised.

Recently, there have been an increase of good quality local eateries and coffee shops in Altrincham, but unfortunately the quality of coffee was still something few had mastered.  I don’t know how and when people decided to put the quantity of coffee ahead of its quality.  We all know the names of the big chains which offer huge big cups … but that certainly does not do it for me.

Scalini Deli serving excellent coffee

I want a good, strong, small, black cup of coffee which is full of flavour and aroma.  This is exactly what we were served. The coffee was brilliant – equal to any good coffee on the Continent.  I still don’t understand why the average person in Britain is happy to accept, wishy-washy, weak, tasteless coffee.  Often, in spite of me asking for a ‘strong americano’, I am served a single-shot cup.  My rule of thumb is:  if I can see the bottom of the cup, it is not strong enough!  And I am equally angered, when I am asked to pay double to add an extra shot.
Scalini Deli of course doesn’t serve only coffee.  We had a lovely cake – pastiera – made with ricotta cheese and orange peel.  It was delicious, and not too rich or sweet, which I loved.  We also ordered a take-away portion of Aubergines Parmigiana (£4,00 per portion) which I am looking forward to later. 

Contact details and opening hours

If you enjoy a proper, good cup of real coffee get yourself down to:
20 Ashley Road
WA14 2DW
Tel: 0161 928 3929
Twitter:  @ScaliniAlty
They are closed on Tuesdays
Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9:00-17:00 
Open Sundays 10:00-16:00