The most exquisite art we came across at the Saltaire Arts Trail this year, was the paper art by Roz Bunter.

And before I continue, I must mention that none of these pictures does her work justice.  You have to see it in person to really appreciate it.

The precision and detail in every piece is incredible and astounding.  I was completely gobsmacked when I found out that every bit is hand cut.

Personally I am running out of wall space in our house, but I would really like to invest in a few of her pieces when I can work out where to put them!

In these photographs, you can get an idea of the detail involved, especially in the butterfly below.

However, in her landscapes, photographs lose all sense of the detail, as there is no way you can see that each black line has actually been pain-stakingly cut from paper.

I suggest you try and get to one of her exhibitions and see for yourself.

You can contact Roz in the following ways:

Twitter:  @rozbunter