Samantha Bryan’s Brains Fairies was the one exhibition at the Saltaire Arts Trail which put a bigger smile on my face than any other!  Her fairies are fun, clever, quirky and beautiful.
Each of the fairies tells a story, and generally includes a little narrative.  For example to our left we have:

“Brain’s Wing Augmentation for fairies, the wing surface is expanded.  This enhancement is proven to increase speed, control and manoeuvrability.”

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Below are some of her brilliant creations:
  • Brain’s Aerodynamic Flight ware for fairies; and
  • Brain’s Ground Commuter Footwear – useful in situations of non-flight

  • Brain’s bottom warming garmets for fairies
  • Brain’s fairy launch facility – facilitates a rapid and effortless take-off
  • Brain’s impact reducing footwear, designed to facilitate safe landing
  • Brain’s stability pin, easily attached to the fairy flight suit to improve directional and lateral stability during flight