Last year I did the 2012 Challenge, where I visited the Top 10 cafés in Manchester, and wrote about them.  A number of people told me that they loved it – and now miss the regular articles about cafés in the area.

Well, I have put my thinking cap on.  Altrincham and Hale have seen a number of new cafés in the past year, so I am sure I can do a local version.  So here is the plan:

Alty and Hale Cafe (and Eggs Benedict) Challenge

This is how it will work:
  • List the cafés.  I shall try and put together a complete list of independent cafés in Altrincham and Hale, and ask you to help fill in the gaps.  Restaurants don’t count I am afraid.  And neither to café chains like Costa / Starbucks / Café Nero etc.
  • Visit them.  I shall visit each café on the list – aiming to visit 1-2 per week.  Generally I shall visit at lunch time, but if they have Eggs Benedict on their breakfast menu, I shall return for a second visit to try the Eggs Benedict.
  • Eggs Benedict Challenge.  Ever since EAT CAFÉ closed down in Altrincham years ago, I have been unable to find Eggs Benedict anywhere to match their delicious and authentic recipe.  The only place that rivalled them, was a café in New York!  I would like to find the local Eggs Benedict Champion and crown them king.  And of course we’ll spread the word on their behalf.  I have just been reminded that I actually wrote about the demise of Eggs Benedict in Altrincham before.
So, if you have a favourite café, please let me know.  And more importantly, if you have a café and serve Eggs Benedict, let me know …
List of cafés I am currently aware of: