I have completed week 8 of my Search and Social Media Marketing course at Salford University Media City, and when I look back I cannot believe how much I have learned over the last 2 months.

When I started, I felt like I was one for embracing technology.  I have often been called a ‘geek’, because of my interest in technology, but once I started to think about a future in the internet and web world, I quickly realised that I was completely out of my depth.

It has been one of the steepest learning curves of my life, but I feel I have embraced it.  I am now ready to plunge into the world of the unknown.  We have 2 weeks left before we’re deemed to be equipped.

Over the coming weeks, I hope to crystallise my idea, develop a new website (with the help of others!), and offer to the world a service which is fresh and new.  I hope it will be successful – I will certainly try everything I possibly can to ensure its success.  Because I honestly believe the world is a poorer place without it ….