In the past, whenever you were remodelling your house, or when you needed interior design inspiration, the only options were:  magazines and books.  However, the internet changed this to make it easier, and now apps are changing it to make it easier still.

The Houzz Interior Design Ideas App is probably one of my favourite apps of all time.  They have a related app called Houzz Kids’ Rooms app, which is designed in exactly the same way, but of course includes exclusively kids’ rooms which you can browse by the age group of children’s rooms you’re after.
Think of it as all your magazines, all the internet sites you could visit and all the coffee table books you could have all rolled into one.
It is particularly good on the iPad, merely because the screen is bigger, but it provides pages and pages of pictures (1,380,291 pictures at last count and growing) of interior design, beautiful houses and outdoor spaces.

I love their “Ideabooks”, similar to boards on Pinterest.  You can collect all the designs you love in one place, email them around, but mostly you can visualise what you’re after.  The search facility is also very good to extract what you’re after.  But most of all, I enjoy it like I do a magazine:  I sit down comfortably and merely page though the pictures on my iPad.
I love the best of the blogs emailed to you weekly.  You can sample this week’s Houzz weekly featured blogs to get an idea of what they include. 
Cost:  free
Drawbacks:  The only drawback I can think of, is addiction!

I love Pinterest.  I will admit to not using it properly, as I don’t use it to promote myself or products in any way.  I merely use it in a magpie fashion:  I pick up pretty things along the way and keep them in a central place.  Mostly, I use Pinterest for Interior Design and Food ideas and I follow a few people and boards of people who have similar interests as I do.  Some I know in person, others I have merely come across whilst using the app.  It is useful that every pretty picture is normally backed up by some substance: a blog post, a recipe or an article.  But for me, it is mostly about the pretty pictures.
Cost:  free
Drawbacks:  if you were to use it for it’s true purpose, you ought to have the picture representing something of more substance, as mentioned above, which could become very time consuming if you are trying to create all your own material.  But for magpies like me – just enjoy it!

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I initially started to use the craftgawker app, but they have since expanded to include in foodgawker, weddinggawker, stylegawker and dwellinggawker.  Of course, as I love interior design, the dwellinggawker app is the one I love best.   The purpose for all these apps is to show you how you can make these beautiful things.
Again, these pictures are generally a representative of an article or blog post, so you can click through many for more detail, instructions or information.
Cost: free
Drawbacks:  They don’t have as many picture as the Houzz app, but this is generally as most of the pictures have some sort of DIY instructions attached to them.