According to 1st contact, South Africans may soon be except from having to apply for visas before travelling to the UK.  

This has a direct impact on all South Africans both visiting and living in the UK.  There is obviously a direct link between requiring a UK visa for a visit, but the link for those who live here is a little more tenuous.  

I have lived in the UK for almost 14 years, however, as soon as visas were introduced, I immediately felt like I lived so much further away from my family.  My biggest concern was that in case of emergency, my family could no longer hop on the next plane out to see me.  They would have to apply for a visa first. This means they now lived ‘days away’ instead of ‘hours away’.

Any other foreigners feel the same?

You can read their full article below.
South Africans to visit UK without visa?