If anyone had told me that it would be possible for me to build a website in a day, I would automatically have said ‘impossible’.  Perhaps someone who knows what they’re doing, could do that, but I don’t fit into that category.

Wrong! And to prove it, here it is:  the first draft of our charity website.  It is up and running, although not complete.  But I hope it will be within the next few weeks.

Just in case you need to confirm what I am saying is true, you can check it out for yourself by going to www.childrenofafrica.org.uk.

This is what I think still needs to be done:

  • Paypal.  Set up a Paypal donation button (need to learn how to do that)
  • Social Media links.  Adding the buttons is easy enough to do, however I need to set up the accounts that they link to.
  • Contact us form.  The charity needs a new email address, so I need to set that up at the same time as the email contact form
  • Content.  And of course, most importantly, I need to add some good content.

But a huge thank you needs to go to Jamie from Pootlepress whose demystified the WordPress world at his course I attended last week.  Without him, and access to his Pootlepress Academy, this process would have been a lot more difficult!