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March 2013

Best Apps for iPhone 4 or iPhone 5

I have been putting together a series of articles on my favourite iPhone apps, and explaining how I would actually use them.  If find many reviews tell you about the product, but they don’t give information on how to actually… Continue Reading →

Great iPhone Travel Apps

There are a number of travel apps for the iPhone that I find very useful.  Of course there are many more, but these are the ones I use most.   The Holiday Inn App is excellent, especially if you travel… Continue Reading →

Best Messaging iPhone Apps

I am certainly not a die hard texter, but texting certainly is useful on so many occasions, and free texting is obviously the preferred option.  Especially if you’re texting peope abroad, or texting from abroad, texting can become very expensive… Continue Reading →

South Africans – visas to UK revisited

According to 1st contact, South Africans may soon be except from having to apply for visas before travelling to the UK.  This has a direct impact on all South Africans both visiting and living in the UK.  There is obviously… Continue Reading →

Sticking to New Year’s resolutions

Not everyone is able to stick to new year’s resolutions, as there is a well known cycle of failure. I have assessed my resolutions to see how I am doing, and so far so good.  Not doing as well on… Continue Reading →

Difference between advertising and marketing

This difference between advertising and marketing was posted on Facebook sometime back.  I think it explains it perfectly.  I had promised to post it and share with our class.

Update on Search and Social Media Marketing Course – Salford University

My journey continues into the world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Marketing at a steady pace.  For those who missed the earlier posts:  I have enrolled on a 10-week course at Salford University Media City. Progress thus… Continue Reading →

iPhone Apps to communicate by voice

In this installment I would like to share some of my favourite voice communication Apps.  I shall start with my favourite: Viber is simple to use, mimics ‘normal phone calls’ closely and offers both voice calls and text messages.  I… Continue Reading →

How to eat a caramael waffle

Continental caramel waffles have become commonplace in urban and fashionable coffee shops and cafes.  But, there is a secret to eating them in a way which will unleash the flavours. If you want to melt the centre, yet have it… Continue Reading →

More iPhone Apps to get you organised

I think the true secret about Apps and using them effectively, is to ensure that you have a suite of Apps that work well together.  In isolation they might not seem that useful, but when used in conjunction with other… Continue Reading →

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