I am continuing my journey into the world of internet and social media, which fascinated me more day by day.  I can only compare it to watching a brilliant fireworks display – where I can feel myself mouthing “wow”, “ah” and my mouth feels like it’s gaping.  How could I, someone who sees myself as a technically able person, actually have been living in this parallel universe?

But the good news is that I am slowly getting to grips with it all.  These are some of the things I have learnt on this part of the journey:

  • Anyone can build a website with WordPress, and I learnt how to build one in a day
  • Off-site optimisation for your website, in other worlds the bits you don’t actually have control over, but which relates to what other people are saying about it, is as important (if not more important) as on-site optimisation (what you do on your site to give it the best chance of being found by search engines)
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ might be some of the more frequently used forms of social media, however it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to world of Social Media
  • There are so many website tools out there, may of them which are free
  • I have been so bad at optimising my blog.  Not that that matters too much, because it is really written more for my own sanity and to keep my family abroad abreast of my activities.

So next step for me, is to have a go at building a website.  I shall be enrolling for the Pootlepress Academy to help me along the way.