Today is the first day of me working on our new venture.  My friend, and now business partner, Arna has been working on our business plan for a couple of months, however, I have had to wait until I could extract some of my time from my existing assignment, before I could muck in.

And today is the day!  My to-do list is growing.  However, even the administration to set everything up is pretty onerous – and more so because Arna lives in China at the moment!

The distance is certainly going to pose some challenges:

  • Time differences (weekly conf calls scheduled for 6.00 am BST!)
  • Brainstorming done over Skype and over the phone will be challenging
  • China’s internet policy, as they block so many social media sites we may need to use
  • Banking, Companies House, HMRC etc are not really geared up for foreign company directors

Other challenges:

  • Having to work from home most of the time might make me feel isolated
  • Neither Arna nor I have the specialist skills required for this venture – so we’re going to rely on our past business experience, enthusiasm and ‘can do’ approach

Wish us luck!