Tim and I spend a week in Segonzac, near Cognac, France.  This was as result of a home exchange.  We had made our house available over the Olympics in return for a room in their Bed & Breakfast in September.  A brilliant exchange, we thought ….

We drove down.  On the way down and back, we stayed in B&B and dined at a little restaurant, La Forge, in the neighbouring village,Thiron-Gardais.  It was amazing.  Small, friendly and family run.  They served simple, stunning foods at a very affordable price!

It would be worth another trip just for the food alone!  For my TripAdvisor review, click here

Segonzac is a fairly non-descript little town, but we both loved it.  We didn’t really feel like we’d stepped into a tourist area – just experienced people going about their every-day life …

It was lovely to see the sun, to be honest!  We spent some time in Cognac, which isn’t far away.

We did the Hennessey tour, which was very informative.  I still don’t like cognac though!  Although, I was introduced to Pineau – like sherry, but served ice cold.  That I love.
The holiday consisted of both rest and activity.  One day we took Tommy’s bikes out, not thinking we’d venture too far, but ended up staying out most of the day.  We had a jolly good time really!