You may wonder why I went back to China so soon after my first trip, if I didn’t really like the place.  Good question.  Here are the good answers:
  • I went back to do my Christmas Shopping in China;
  • Lisa came with me, so Arna, Lisa and I had a bit of a reunion; and
  • Arna and I had been considering whether we should start a business together, so we wanted to explore our ideas
  • We only went to Shanghai, and I love Shanghai

We had a lovely time.  I just wish I could speak some mandarin.  I would have loved to know what this granny was saying to Xavier, for example.

Shopping was high priority, and we did well.  Thank goodness I only packed 1 pair of jeans and 2 shirts (no lie), to leave as much space for shopping as possible.

I love old Shanghai.  It is such a pity that it is all disappearing fast to make room for skyscrapers.

Some areas will survive, as some of it is protected, but not in its original format

Framing is very cheap in Shanghai.  I framed Tim’s birthday card whilst there.

Loved this fruit.  You would be forgiven for thinking it is a grapefruit.  Have a look at the size of the segments.  It is part of the grapefruit family, but starts out almost the size of a football and is called a pomelo!  See them in the picture below on the right.
You peel them and remove all the skin and pith, only to leave the flesh

The flesh tastes like grapefuit, just sweeter.

How could I not include this picture below?  

Us 3 girls – more than 10 years since we shared a house in London!  And we haven’t aged a day …