When we were doing our big clear out and sorting out the garage, we took down this set of shelves from the garage wall.  At first it was destined for the skip as it was in such bad shape and didn’t look like we could use it elsewhere.
However, the more I looked at it, the more I thought that it could be rescued and perhaps even transformed!  Tim and my builder, Tom, both rolled their eyes when I suggested it …!
Today I started work on it.  My decorator had suggested that I give it a quick sand before painting it.  But when I started sanding it today, I couldn’t believe the transformation.  The wood beneath the grime was actually quite good.
It was quite slow going, and the dust was going everywhere – not least up my nostrils!  But I pressed on.  Some hours later, and the transformation was amazing!  The next step was to paint it, but I thought that before I painted it, I should let Lisa have a look at it, and see whether she would prefer the wood version, or a painted version …
Either way, hopefully it will end up good enough to become Lisa’s housewarming gift!

I have now updated it with a final picture.  I am pretty pleased with the result and think Lisa loves it.