Last weekend, we woke up to a miserable Saturday morning and that after a very long week. There is just something wrong with having to wake up with an alarm on a weekend, in my opinion.
We were very close to ringing up our friends to whimp out of our 13 mile (20 km) walk in the Peak District.  However, they said they were going regardless, so we felt we may as well go as we were already up.

Thank goodness we’d decided to go, because the day just got better and better.  The scenery was beautiful, the company great and the pub we stopped at for lunch served hearty stew in giant Yorkshire puddings!
The walk wasn’t too difficult, and Tim and I both survived. Dave and Daniella are major fitness freaks and to compared to them we’ll always be one step above ‘slobs’ on the fitness ladder!  I don’t know where they get their energy from as they have demanding jobs too.
I am really hoping this horrible weather will pass, and that there will be more weekends that we can get out and about.  We have an updated Cheshire walking book as well as a new Peak District and Lancashire one that needs putting to use…