Yesterday I helped Lisa to search for some furniture for her new home.  We started at the Antiques Village in Levenshulme, Manchester. I just love this building for starters.  I should have taken a picture of the floors in the entrance hall.  My dream flooring:  old tiles and the most beautiful mosaic.
This building is filled to the brim with interesting bits and bobs – I have bought many an item from here in the past.  Good decently made, old furniture and antiques.  However, unfortunately there was nothing suitable for Lisa, so we had to extend out search.
The Antiques Village can be found here:  The Old Town Hall 965 Stockport Road, Levenshulme, Manchester M19 3NP, 0161 225 7025

Luckily, the clearance showroom at Halo Living in Altrincham did come up trumps, and she bought this beautiful, simple yet solid cupboard.

I hadn’t been to their showroom in probably a couple of years, but they have really done it out fantastically.  You don’t want to leave after you’re in!  It is certainly one of Altrincham’s less well known secrets…

Halo living can be found here:  Atlantic St Altrincham WA14 5DE, 0161 923 0500

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Looking for furniture makes you thirsty, so we stopped off at ‘Trove’, which is a little cafe opposite the Antiques Market in Levenshulme.  It is simple and full of character.  We didn’t eat anything, but next time I certainly might!
For more information, have a look at this link to a review or take a look at their blog.