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Tim and I have been clearing out the garage today.  Instead of just chucking things into a skip, we just wondered whether anyone else could get some use out of some of these things.    We have a skip at the ready, so anything that isn’t collected before the end of the weekend, will be going into the skip!  We don’t expect to sell anything, but if you want to make a donation to our charity in lieu of anything you take, we’d be most grateful.  Ultimately, it’s all about recycling perfecting good and usable things!
Foldable workbench (now allocated)
Warning Triangle (foldable), in a box still available
Blender (has now gone) Iron now allocated

Girl’s bicycle (for someone about my height.  (1.66m) This has also now been allocated.
Bike carriers suitable for a 4×4 that has a wheel on the back still available
Polystyrene cups – small.  I have a whole box full of them.  Perfect for serving ice cream in. still available
Folding deck chairs x 3 (Have been allocated)
Weber Work table – braai (BBQ) accessory still available
2 x lamps – I think they must be about 40 cms high (ish) (Have been allocated now)
Small crystal chandelier.  There is a little damage on the bit that touches the ceiling and a few crystals are missing.  (It also needs a good clean!  I think it is about 40 cms across still available
Roll of brown/beige fabric.  There is a LOT of fabric on this roll … (now allocated)
Chrome and glass stand.  I think it is about 30 x 30 and about 90cm tall.  Don’t quote me on that …. thrown away …