Whilst we were walking around Manchester, we came across a few interesting looking cafes, not on the list, and another surprise which deserves it’s on separate post: Lily Greenwood’s gallery.

This is Sugar Junction
60 Tib Street, Manchester, Northern Quarter, M4 1LG
It looks great!  Has that whole vintage thing going on.  I am definitely going to include that one to my list – even it it means some others might need to get bumped off.  This one seems very girly though.  And they seem to have an Afternoon Tea menu.  Very enticing.

Next we came across Bluu.
Bluu seems far more casual bar and brasserie, but serve Eggs Benedict as part of their breakfast menu, so it with worth being checked out.  Eggs benedict happens to be my favourite breakfast in the whole wide world!
We also walked past Sparkles
66 Tib Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1LG
Tel:  07794 963879
Looks popping into …