Yes, we continued our cafe quest, and the third cafe we went to, was Oklahoma in High Street.

The big wooden doors are kept shut, so you could think they are closed, but what a surprise when you walk in! You encounter a very colourful interior. It is both shop and quirky cafe, where everything can either be described as eclectic or alternatively as a bit of mush mash. I think it might be more of the latter, especially as I ended sitting in a chair in the shape on a hand, which had its fingers digging into my back! But I am sure I could just as easily have ended in a comfy seat!
The menu was more substantial and extensive than the other cafes we had visited. And they had a very appetising specials board.  The other thing that had tickled my fancy, was their baked sweet potatoes with the most interesting fillings. What a pity that we’d filled up on cake and a sandwich before, because I would love to have tried their soups, stews etc – they looked so good in the bowls of neighbouring tables. We ended up with hummus, olives and a rocket salad, which made a delightful snack, accompanied by freshly squeezed orange juice.
The really weird thing was, the floor, and therefore the table, was vibrating quite a lot – as if a tumble dryer was on next door. It was quite disconcerting at times.  Combine that with an extraordinary selection of DVDs and its eccentric decor, and it could put off a few sensitive souls.
Would I come back? For the food, absolutely yes. For coffee and chilling out, probably not unless it was just to grab a quick cup.
If you fancy a visit to see it for yourself, you’ll find it here: 
Oklahoma – 14 to 16 High Street, Northern Quarter
Tel:  0161 834 1136