This was our second stop. As you walk in you realise they must have good wifi as you can barely move for all the laptops!
The table configuration is quite unusual as they have one large dining-type table with multiple chairs, one high table with stools and then a few usual coffee shop type tables.
Although it was lovely, it didn’t strike me as a ‘hang out for hours at end’ type of place, but nice for a quick cuppa… and of course if you need to be getting online, checking emails, and so forth.
Would I go back?  Perhaps.  If I were looking for somewhere to sit and write my blog, I would seriously consider it.  But if I were meeting with a friend for a long natter and catch up?  I would probably go somewhere different, but that might just be due to my personal preference rather than any shortcomings on their part!
I found the picture of a toaster on the hand towel dispenser in the toilet a bit odd though…
If you would like to visit, their details are as follows: 
36 Tib Street, Manchester, M41LA
They are open:
  • Mon-Fri 8am-7pm
  • Sat 10am-7pm
  • Sun 11am-6pm

 And you’ll find them here: