I met up with my friend, Lisa, last night.  And asked her whether whe wants to take part in my 2012 challenge.  As it involves coffee and cake, I think she’s in.

I am planning to visit Manchester’s top 10 cafe’s, as quoted by http://www.tasteofmanchester.com/, which they list in no particular order, as:
  1. Battery Park – Wilbraham Road, Chorlton 0161 860 0754
  2. Central Perk – Picaddilly Approach
  3. CUP – 53 to 55 Thomas Street, Northern Quarter 0161 834 2004
  4. Drip – 57 Hilton Street, Piccadilly 0161 235 5100
  5. Fuel – Wilmslow Road, Withington 0161 448 9702
  6. Musicana Cafe – 10a Wilmslow Road, Rusholme
  7. North Tea Power – 36 Tib Street, M4 1LA http://www.northteapower.co.uk/
  8. Oklahoma – 14 to 16 Hight Street, Northern Quarter 0161 834 1136
  9. Sweet Tooth Cupcakery – Oldham Street, Northern quarter.  (Apparently another in Chorlton) 0161 236 3877 http://www.sweettoothcupcakery.co.uk/
  10. Whitworth Art Gallery Cafe – University of Manchester, Oxford road 0161 275 7497 http://www.whitworth.manchester.ac.uk/  (I might save this one for when my parents come to visit as it would be nice to take them to the Art Gallery itself)
I would like to add a few to the list.  Apparently Bowdon has another new coffee shop, patisserie and ice cream parlour to be exact, that I need to try out: 
  • Vanillis, Hall Road, Bowdon
And then there is one more tea shop that I have been meaning to go back too, but never quite got there:
  • The Art of Tea, 47 Barlow Moor Road, Didsbury 0161 448 9323
And then of course the Cake Gallery in Bowdon, my local that I just don’t get around to often enough, should get another mention.  There are some fantastic pictures on this blog:  http://www.hannahbeatrice.co.uk/2011/04/the-cake-gallery-bowdon/.  

Their contact details are: 0161 929 9202, 4 Stamford Road, Bowdon, WA14 2JU.  I dedicated a blog post to them last year:  http://beechwoodblog.blogspot.com/2011/01/cake-gallery-bowdon.html

If anyone is keen to join me in my pursuit, let me know.

2013 update.  This year I am attempting the Altrincham and Hale (and Eggs Benedict) Cafe Challenge.  More information on a more recent article.