I had to pop into Hale to post a parcel today, and I although I have been living here for 9 years, never have I been so acutely aware of wealth, and the eagerness to show it off, as today.
I struggled to find a parking, partially because it was busy, but also because the unmarked areas where 5 “normal” cars would fit, were occupied by 2 Range Rovers and a 4×4 Porche.
I looked up and down the street and realised that I have never before seen the street filled with only posh cars! Bentleys, Porches, Land Rovers, Range Rovers, BMWs, Mercedes.

I headed to my favourite coffee shop for a quick cuppa, and as I sit here next to a group of “ladies that lunch” discussing the important qualities of holiday homes and lifestyles in Dubai.
Situations like this always make me question life. Compared to these people I seem small and insignificant, yet I feel so privileged. And I was encouraged further when a footballer’s girlfriend, who lives in a gorgeous house of magnificent proportions, walked into our house today and told me again how gorgeous it is, and what a lovely cosy feel it has and that she always enjoys coming into ours. I reminded her that she lives in a mansion! But she insisted that ours was different, but just fantastic!

That reminded me: one doesn’t need bags of money to create a home: you need love, imagination, a measure of bravery to give things a try and willingness to muck in.

It makes me wonder whether I would ever embrace wealthy lifestyles and complete indulgence if I ever came into big money. But somehow I just don’t think so…