What a fun evening we had last night!

It all started around Christmas.  Instead of buying my friend Hayley a Christmas present, I arranged a surprise for her.  She had no idea what it was.  All she knew was a date and time.  I told her I would send her instructions a day before.

On Friday I left her a message to tell her to take the train into Manchester, meet me at the big wheel outside the Arndale Centre in Manchester.  She should wear the type of clothes she would wear to the theatre.  She could wear high heels, because there wouldn’t be too much walking involved. Most of all, she should not be late!

She arrived, already looking beautiful, and perfectly on time.  This is when I told her that we had a 6pm appointment at a MAC counter in Selfridges for a make-over.  It is really quite good.  You pay £25 for the appointment, they make you look beautiful, then you get a £25 voucher to spend on their make-up or products. 

It was so exciting.  The make-up artist are really very good.  Their own make-up is always fantastic, so we had high hopes.  The nice thing, is they give you tips all the way through too, like:
  • Put your eye make-up on before your foundation.  That way you can clear up any dark eyeshadow spills easily.
  • Always use a primer on your eyes as your make-up will last better and longer
  • Apply more than one layer of eyeliner – it has more chance of staying on that way
  • When you’re blending, use little circles, and add a bit of bronzer to help you blend
And it was a good time to try something new!  She suggested a coral lipstick.  Wow, I would never have picked that colour, but it looked great.  I also agreed to (discrete) false eyelashes.  My own eyelashes are so short and there are only a few of them, so this way it only boosted my own a bit.  They felt a bit weird to start, but I got used to them quite quickly.

Hayley looked simply stunning.  Now let’s be honest, she is such a pretty girl to start with, but she looked like a model!  Amazing when you know how.

With both of us looking and feeling pretty, it was time to meet Tim for dinner at Chaophraya.  Unfortunately I think their standards are slipping.  The food was good, but all served in and on cold plates.  So my soup was cold by the time it got to me, and my main course, delicious mussaman lamb shank, was cold within a few minutes.  The wine was so warm that we called for ice, and the ice cubes melted in no time. Service was very slow – they are clearly trying to manage a ‘sausage-factory’ type service, trying to get as many sittings as they can in a night, but with the minimum amount of staff. 
In spite of this, it was still a fantastic night out.  Tim drove us home, so us girls could have a drink.  All in all I had so much fun!
And Christmas is not over yet.  Next week Christmas continues as I get my treat from Hayley – watch this space!