A few weeks ago, I had one of those: “If I were on my death/sick bed, would I have any regrets?” moments. And although I don’t regret any of the life I have lived, I will regret something I never did – a proper long travelling trip. Tim and I had the intention of doing it in 2010 and incorporating the Football World Cup, but the ‘Credit Crunch’ made us think twice. Then we thought we’d postpone that to 2011, substituting the Football World Cup for the Rugby World Cup in NZ. However, the recession got in the way of that one. And I was tired of my life being dictated to by the economy!

It was time for a long and hard chat between Tim and I. Tim has done the ‘World Trip’, so he doesn’t have that great urge to get it out of his system the way I have. He spent 5 months in South America and had 2 substantial trips to Australia and New Zealand, and I think that just about cured him. I, on the other hand, have only ever spend 4 weeks away, that was going back home to South Africa … which somehow doesn’t feel like it counts. So my wanderlust continues unabated.

The outcome was positive. Tim has made a futher concession: as it was effectively my dream I am living out, he would give me free reign to plan it, on the condition that he holds a ‘veto vote’. It feels like I have been offered the key to a magical city!

Next thing to think about, is timing. We can’t go soon, as Tim just started a new job and it would be very bad form to just take off so soon after he started. So I think we know that the earliest it can be is towards the end of next year. But at least now I can start planning.

Now, you might be wondering about the type of places which might tickle my fancy. To be honest, I haven’t managed to do any research yet and I am sure I will change my mind a number of times, but I hope to include places like:

– India
– Sri Lanka
– Vietnam
– Laos
– Cambodia
– Argentina
– Other parts of South America or South East Asia.

I am not that keen to rush from one place to another – rather to move around leisurely and experience areas off the beaten track wherever possible – avoiding the maddening crowds of tourists. Ideally, we’d stay somewhere we like for a couple of months, if we can afford it. We aren’t youngsters anymore, so traditional back-packing doesn’t appeal, but we are happy with simple accommodation.

I am looking forward to the long planning phase. It will help me get excited, psyched up and hopefully enhance the dream.

If anyone has any advice, suggestions or connections at all, please let me know. I have already been offered the suggestion of making sure we spend some time in Luang Prabang, Laos – definitely high on the priority list! But would be great to get some suggestions for some other lazy, romantic destinations…