This last week has been hectic for me. I am starting this blog post on the train on my way down to London. And it feels like the first moment I have had to even considering updating my blog this week!

So, why am I off to London? To try and speak to someone at the South African Consulate about correcting my passport. My passport renewal issued about 2 months ago, was issued in the name of “Liezl Hermolle” instead of “Liezl Hesketh”. Now legally I can use both names, but for obvious reasons the airlines aren’t happy that my passport isn’t in the same name as my ticket. And as a dual citizen, I have to use both my South African and British passports when I fly between the countries. It gets complicated. However, in essence, I applied for a passport in the name ‘Hesketh’, my ID book is in the name ‘Hesketh’, I am on the national register in the name of ‘Hesketh’, I issued a declaration at the time of applying for the passport that it should be issued in the name ‘Hesketh’ and not in my married name … yet some fool issued it in the wrong name. They couldn’t guarantee that if I asked them to correct it there an then, that they could get the passport back to me in time (it took 4 months to get the passport in the first place!), so I have had to use it in the wrong name. Luckily the South African immigration officers didn’t notice – says a lot for their attention to detail – but what that means is apparently I have to apply for a temporary passport now (which I must pay for), then apply for a full passport that will take 4 months (which I also have to pay for), and as no-one will answer my phone calls or letter, I have to go down to London personally to try and get this resolved. Not looking forward to it, as it is all one big mess.

The rest of my week has been hectic. The 2 main things I have done this week is: look for a new contract assignment (work) and try and secure an investment property we’re trying to buy. Both have taken up more of my time than anticipated, leaving me running around like a headless chicken. And talking about chickens, that was my other job – looking after our friends’ chickens and cats while they’re away.

On the property front, we found a property we loved, and which we believed would be a good investment, made and offer, hung around until the vendor could make up her mind … only to hear that the final improved offer was rejected. Therefore our offer was withdrawn. Next week, I am hoping to turn my attention to securing our 2nd choice …

On the work front, I was really expecting a terribly horrible search. I hadn’t been looking forward to it at all. However, thus far, there are a few opportunities available. I am meeting someone tonight to discuss an option, another on Monday and finally one on Wednesday. So I do hope that one of them might have a positive outcome. I do need to remain realistic – it is an extremely competitive market at the moment and there is very strong competition. All in all, though, I am quite happy with the progress made after 4 days of job searching!

I had planned to go and visit a friend in London Wed-Fri next week, but now that is in the balance, as some of these jobs want an immediate start.

I am approaching London, and will need to continue at another time!