What a frustrating experience at the South African consulate! I cannot say that I am filled with confidence that they are going to get it right the second time around ….

But the good news is that I managed to meet up with a friend for lunch (sushi lunch!), and that was certainly the highlight of my day. Of course a close second, was the fact that I could postpone a 5.45pm potential client meeting to Wednesday next week. Far better. This way I can get home and have a glass of wine much sooner. Hurrah!

So a catch up on the rest of my life – I have been working very hard at reducing my to-do list. In fact, I had to draw a line in the sand and create a new list, as the other one got too big to manage. I think it is about 180 lines long – so still very long, but at least I made a lot of progress. Things I have managed to do (from memory as I don’t have the list with me) that I did this week:

– Renewed Tim’s car insurance
– Found a suitable mortgage for our investment property
– Started to work on the content for our Family Cook Book
– Started to transcribe my dad’s stories of his childhood. There is a long way to go though.
– Looked for a job!
– Had the gutter fixed, which will hopefully resolve a very long-standing damp problem.
– Had the other guttering painted and rust treated.
– Removed side shoots from tomato plants
– Dropped the neighbours at the airport
– Looked after our friends’ cats and chickens (and got to keep the eggs!)
– Revived some of the leeks we planted
– Met with a number of agents, a.k.a. networking
– Had a new hook hung in our bathroom
– Had some skirting boards installed in the bathroom
– Followed up on our Beechwood land rent discharge
– Arranged viewings and 2nd viewings for the investment property
– Visited rental agents and mortgage advisors
– Tried to make bobotie meatballs (frikkadels), and was a great success. (Include in family cook book!)
– Arranged to meet a friend tomorrow for a spot of high quality lunch and shopping (in Nottingham)
– Prepared for interview on Monday and proposed client meeting on Wednesday.
– Did some arrangements for Tim’s 50th birthday party
– Put together an itinery and costings of furniture and furnishings we need to purchase for our new investment property.
– Contacted a decorator for a quote.
– Finalised some posters and related work for my sister’s Strawberry Festival (in South Africa) and sent details to the printers.

All in all I have been so busy, I just don’t know how I am going to manage to fit in work on top of all my other tasks! I expect that if I need to start a job quickly, which is often the case for us Interims – they generally want someone yesterday – my to-do list may need to be toned down or put on hold for a few months again. Only time will tell.