Well, I keep ticking things off my list. Yesterday, was a big achievement as we sorted out my office at home.  I have so many things I need to manage / control, I really struggle to keep on top of it all.  Luckily I have dedicated space to work in at home, which I is a luxury not many people have.
There are so many categories that I need to stay on top of as we run our own company, run and manage a Charity, manage and run the Beechwood Building Management (as I can’t give the job away to anyone else – no-one wants it!) and much more.  If it were only personal admin, I am sure we could cope fine, but currently we struggle to stay on top of it.  It means we have to be very, very organised.
My home office was organised, but not running optimally.  However, after I called in some help from a friend, we blitzed it yesterday.  I am very proud of the result.  New files labeled, colour coded and fully organised.
Next step is getting the archiving done, and then going through the problem areas.  But at least good progress was made!
But one thing is for sure, if you plan it properly, you can have an organised home office too!
But, many other things have been done this week:
  • All my shopping chores:  returned the jeans that weren’t a good fit, returned the wine rack as I bought the wrong one and it won’t fit and bought enough cat food to last while I am in South Africa.
  • I bought the Sambal Oelek and Kecup Manis (Indonesian ingredients) required to make Nasi Goreng for my sister and parents when in South Africa. 
  • I have made a dentist appointment for when I am in South Africa.  (Cheaper than going in the UK!)
  • I planted all my new plants:  geraniums and marigolds, and managed to kill all current greenfly.
  • I changed out energy suppliers to one that will hopefully be cheaper.  (Only time will really tell)
  • I have bought special pots to plant our tomatoes in growbags. Oh, and growbag covers to make them look less unsightly.  Never grown tomatoes before.  Fingers crossed.
  • I sorted out the deeds to our Pringle Bay property and learned that the process is very different in South Africa to one in the UK.
  • I did all the required research on a potential job that I have been offered, but not sure I should accept.  It is a very long commute and will require overnight stays, which I generally avoid.  However, as the job market is short of dead, I may need to consider it.
  • I filled the bottles I got from my mum & dad for my birthday with pretty flowers.  Flowers give me such a lift – they just make me smile.
  • I had our range cooker – hob and oven professionally cleaned.  It was well worth the £60, because it now looks like a brand spanking new cooker.  Hurrah!
  • I have chased the company for the delivery of our Arbour Seat, which will now arrive this week.  To be honest, I ordered it so long ago now, I can’t remember exactly what it looks like, but it looks something like this:
  • I finally received a signed copy of the Tenancy Agreement for the house I rent out.
And this week, the list will no doubt continue to grow – as I tick off items, I will add others.  The list is standing at 206 items at the moment.  But I hope to complete a number of extra items before I go to South Africa on Friday.  The one item I will need to psyche myself up for, is my trip to Ikea tomorrow.  I have been looking for grey bedding for ages, and have battled to find any.  I found out yesterday that Ikea has dark grey bedding, so I am off to check it out.  While I am there, I shall pick up some Ikea staples:  Tea light candles, serviettes, clay pots & clay saucers for the patio.  By the time I get home, I suspect I shall be in a bad mood and knackered.  Ikea drives me nuts – there’s no way to just ‘pop into’ Ikea.  It is always an ordeal. 
But before then, we’re off to our local amateur theatre tonight:  The Club Theatre in Oxford Road, Altrincham.  We just love supporting them.  We never really look into what is showing.  We’re club members, so we pay an annual fee and in return we get a ticket to each performance.  It means we generally just turn up without any expectations, and I must admit that we are usually pleasantly surprised.  If you’re in the area – it’s a good night out at a very affordable price.  (www.clubtheatre.org.uk/)