I have been very busy these past days, making as big a dent as I can in my list.  For example:

  • I have managed to create 5 tray cloths and 10 place mats from the salvaged portion of my favourite tablecloth, which we set alight by mistake last year ….
  • I discovered that oven cleaning must be a very lucrative business to be in.  I was quoted £120 by a company to clean my range cooker (which isn’t really that dirty – I just want to get those stubborn stains off).  Apparently it takes about 3 hours.  That means they’re charging £40/hour for manual labour!!  Once I peeled myself off the floor, I called back the chap who quoted me half that.  Amazing how we are always subject to ‘Bowdon prices’  – premium of 50%-300% when you have footballers for neighbours.
  • Invites for Tim’s 50th birthday are designed and ready to send out …
  • I’ve ordered new wine racks to sort out the store room once and for all
  • A new umbrella / walking stick stand is on it’s way, which means the old one can be used to re-house all Tim’s braai equipment!
  • I have submitted a claim to the rail company for a loss caused by them providing me with incorrect information, which I acted on…. and lost £77!
  • I put in a new hem in Tim’s trousers and fixed the pocket in my jeans.

Not too shabby a start.  The problem is just, for every item I tick off, I add another …. this will definitely be a list that will end at the pot of gold under the rainbow!