As mentioned in previous posts, I am taking a bit of time off to catch up on my life.  This has resulted in a big to-do list which I am tackling.

In no particular order, here are some examples of what is on my list:

  • Hang my new hook
  • Transplant the rosemary
  • Paint the store room
  • Archiving
  • Perfect Nasi Goreng recipe.  done
  • Update blog.  done
  • Convert 8mm film to DVD
  • Bake a cake
  • Plan Tim’s 50th birthday party
  • Find out where my Pringle Bay property Deeds are
  • Make something from the old (half burnt) tablecloth
  • Make mum a new string of beads
  • Clear out every drawer in the house
  • Sort out SA passport (still in the wrong name)
  • Look for recipes to make my own diffusers
  • Clean gutters at the back of the garage
  • Claim missing airmiles
  • Print some pictures from my computer and frame
  • Make a family recipe book

Well, that will give you an idea.  Wish me luck.