Wow, it’s New Year.  Once again I missed out on the festivities due to still being ill.  I feel like a broken record – repeating the same thing over and over and over …  But I think I am slowly on the mend.  I am still very weak, have a very little appetite, struggling with nausea and am ridiculously tired, but feeling a little better every day.  My diet of Bovril toast, plain rice or carrot soup is getting a little tedious and boring.  At least it does mean that I am one of the few people to have lost a few pounds over Christmas, instead of gaining a few!
So what do we hope for 2011.  For one, I hope that it won’t pass in a blur like 2010 did.  Then I am hoping to get better at my work-life balance.  I always say that, but struggle with it.  I think I might be a closet workaholic at times, although I do fight it.  I wish I could be one of those people who work the hours they need to, then switch off the rest of the time.  I used to be better at it when I was younger.  But now in my old age … I somehow feel compelled to work.  As I am a contractor, I never know where my next work will come from, so I work as hard and as much as I can, when I can.  The reality is though, I haven’t been out of work since June 2008, and even then it was only for 3 weeks …!  But, 2011 is expected to be a tough year.  Let’s home Tim and I can both stay in work.
We also have some holidays planned for 2011.  At the moment, our plans look something like this:  Bali for 2 weeks at the start of February (a month away!  Yay!).  We have taken the 3 days off in April in between Easter and the Royal Wedding, giving us 11 days’ holiday.  So we will be nipping to South Africa for a whistle-stop trip.  And then, Tim and I have been thinking about doing a bit of ‘high-end roughing it’ (if something like that exists) in September.  The very loose plan is currently to fly to Dubrovnik with no more than a backpack, and then spend 2-3 weeks (work dependent) travelling through the Baltic states on public transport, but specifically through Montenegro and Albania – perhaps a bit more of Bosnia.  But those plans aren’t firmed up yet.
We had been thinking about going to the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand around that time, but we don’t really fancy travelling half way around the world at a time that’s not even warm in New Zealand!  If we are going to go, we want to go at the nicer time of the year.
And then, of course, we hope to be in South Africa for Christmas.  We spend every 2nd Christmas in South Africa.  We don’t know yet whether we will be doing a short or longer trip.  I guess it all depends on whether we have a good year work-wise.
Other things I am looking forward to:  I get my car in about a week’s time.  It should have arrived just after Christmas, but was delayed due to the snow.  The good thing is though, I would have received my new car, but would not have been able to drive it, for being ill.  So I don’t mind it being delayed a little.  It would have been nice to have the car whilst in Yorkshire – the 4×4 driving experience might have been good on the roads still partially covered in snow and ice.  We might have been a little more adventurous than we were …