As most of you might know, I am not that keen on Christmas in the UK at the best of time.  I find the dark, grim days depressing, I miss my family, I miss not having kids around at Christmas time, and I hate brussels sprouts which are apparently mandatory at Christmas in the UK.
But this year, I wasn’t feeling to bad about it.  The plan was: 
  • We would both be off for the whole Christmas period
  • We would stay at home and have Tim’s parents and sister around
  • We would make things as easy as possible by buying ‘ready to cook’ food
  • We would go out for lunch on Christmas Day
  • On the 27th we would have nice country break in the Yorkshire Dales for 3 nights
How things panned out:
  • I came home at lunch time on the 23rd and wasn’t feeling very well.  There were a few germs circulating at work, and I feared I might have caught some.
  • I woke up feeling awful on the 24th, getting progressively worse as the day went on.  By the time Tim returned after fetching his parents, I was almost feeling too ill to get up at all.  I was running a serious fever.
  • Woke up on Christmas day, to still feeling terrible, but got enough strength to join the present opening in the lounge.  It was clear that I wouldn’t make it to lunch.
  • As everyone went to lunch, I tried to stay up to watch some telly, but eventually went back to bed.
  • Boxing day I felt a bit better.  Fever had broken, but still exhausted and coughing violently.  Tim took his parents back, and we were invited to join the neighbours downstairs for drinks after dinner.  I thought I might make it, but by 7.00pm I was back in bed and asleep by 8.30 pm
  • I had convinced Tim that I was well enough to go away as planned.  Because when I sit very quietly in one place, not speaking (and not coughing as much), I feel okay. But as soon as I try and actually try and do anything, like having a shower and drying my hair, I am left so exhausted it’s unreal.
  • So I have admitted defeat.  Plans to go away have been delayed to tomorrow.  We will see how I feel then.
But it just doesn’t seem fair.  You shouldn’t be reduced to having Corn Flakes for Christmas dinner or be ill during your holidays.  You also shouldn’t have to miss out on a much needed break away.  And it seems like these germs are stubborn – not happy to give up and let me get better.  I honestly don’t know how much longer this is going to drag on, but I am losing my patience ….