Work has been busy this last year.  Only 2 weeks ago, I reduced my hours to 36 hours per week, over 4 days, just to give me a little time to breathe.  Then about a week ago, I heard that the project was predicted to be overspent.  This meant that they would have had to get rid of some of the operational termporary staff – but staff that are crucial to the ultimate success of phase 2.  I was torn as I realised that I was the most expensive contractor on the project.  If I offered to reduce my hours, they could probably keep the others on…
Anyhow, I had been in contact with the supplier on the current project.  I had asked them to keep me informed of projects next year which I might help them with.  I was thinking they might consider me for one of their projects in about April (if I was lucky).  However, I got a call last week, and they have some work for me for a few months from January onwards.  I am not yet sure of the detail, but it sounds like it will include Project Management relating to the systems changes for some PCTs, affeted by the government’s changes in healthcare commissioning.
I had a chat with the sponsors of my current project and they also thought it could work very well.  I shall now be splitting my time between the 2 clients.  The one thing I am very pleased about, is that a lot of the new work will be home-based, with some travel to client sites.  It means less futile hours spent trudging up and down the motorway!
I have been working on this project for a long time now. I am really looking forward to a new challenge.  Here’s to 2011!